Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to build this facility?

Our feasibility study indicates a cost of $5-7 million to convert an existing building, or $20-30 million for ground-up construction, depending on land acquisition cost.

Where will the facility be located?

We are evaluating potential locations along the central 78 corridor, and would prefer to secure a site in San Marcos.

What are the necessary startup costs?

We are seeking an initial $1 million donation to start hiring professional staff, begin architectural design, and to secure a site. As an example, the Jeff Jacobs JAM Center at SDSU was started with a generous $1 million donation.

What is the long-term plan to scale and fund operations?

The quick answer is, “multiple revenue streams.” MGP leadership anticipates that inevitably with enough foot traffic in the facility, local and corporate marketing organizations will pay for promotional opportunities within the building.

What is the timeline for development?

2019- Fundraising, 2020- Groundbreaking, 2021- Grand Opening!